Traffic takes Web by storm

The now-running Malayalam Movie – Traffic is stirring up a never before phenomenon on Web. The film is an ABSOLUTE STUNNER and could be rightly considered as one of the all-time best and THE best urban movie in Malayalam.

The film unfortunately has no official website, which is really really sad. A site could have acted as the nerve centre of the buzz on Web. The rave reviews that are all over the Web could have been showcased (an example) on the site which would just be enough to describe how great it is. There was not much promotion either. This is where the Web step in and does the job. Through status updates, reviews on personal blogs and custom-made promotional stuff, the goodness is shared and circulated. It is the wonderfully strong, overwhelming energy the film radiates, that works behind things like the image below, which is now being circulated voluntarily on Facebook (and other networks).

The tag line in the above image is an analogous adaptation of a brilliant dialogue in the movie. It means the makers have succeeded in their mission – People  have picked up the vibe. That is being this never-before phenomenon. The viewers are expressing their admiration and appreciation for the efforts of the makers who respected the dignity of the viewers and gave them something of great quality.

Even at YouTube, where the comments section are, at-times, infamous for non-relevant chit-chat and word-wars, the clips (trailer and song) of the film is receiving 100% positive comments. That is certainly something. See some selected ones below (ignore the poor format, spelling and language):

oru pathittaandu muzhuvan fans ennum fans association ennum paranju malayalam cinemaye thakrthavarrkkullathannee padam……..TO BURN THE ASHES OF THE ONES THAT ONCE CHEERED AND HAILED FOR THE SO CALLED THE MOST UNWORTHY AND UNREALISTIC MOVIES……its time that good times in malayalam cinemas return….and this is the beginning….MAKE IT CLEAR….this is not a copy of any english movie….just the outcome of some real real hardwork paid off…..PLZ PLZ PLZ WATCH IT IN THEATRES…!!!

Most beautiful THRILLER movie I have ever seen in ma LIFE. TRaFFiC.. Hats of to Rajesh Pillai,the director and all others behind the sceen..Love u Anoop Menon, Kunchakko, Asif, Sreenivasan and all others…Amazing Film…Defenitely a GIGAA hit of this year..Must watch…

A natural reality story.
superb thrilling movie.

TRAFFIC rockingg in theatres2010 – Cocktail
2011 – TRAFFIC – – – – – A thriller which jerks our nerves

Films are a very important part of lifestyle and culture. It’s always active and packed with energy. That’s why it’s one of the first areas Web is having a profound impact.

A Facebook update reads:

That is a very valid statement. Extend that backwards and it will mean: “Web can cause rapid effect. Anything good gets celebrated and anything bad gets trashed.”

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3 Responses

  1. Kenney says:

    A proper website for the film would have made a lot of impact. The website would have been a place to learn and share a lot of information about the movie.

  2. aravind says:

    I am totally in love with this movie. Gonna it watch again and again.

    but.. I read somewhere that a heart can not be kept for more than 30 minutes after it has been removed from a body – that was the whole point behind the original incident – the chennai operation. in that case, the film is losing basic logic of the whole story! I am not being negative here, everything else is perfectly done in this movie but the basic logic.!

  3. Aravind Jose T says:

    I watched it 4 times 😀

    The time-thing would be an “oops”.
    But as you said, everything else is perfectly done.

    Also, in the trailer, it’s said “Inspired by true events” and not “Based on true events”.
    Suppose they implemented a way to keep it alive for a couple of hours and BAM! you got a killer movie.

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